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Russ on the Suss – Local Book Showcase

Russ on the Suss - Arts Council Feature Tweet The novel follows the story of 11-year-old Russ, a lover of puzzles, mystery and adventure as he faces his biggest challenge yet. With the help of his friend Susie, Russ sets about solving the legacy left to him by his great-grandfather GG. The novel, written by...

The Magical Glitter Storm – By Anna aged 7!

Introducing a wonderful new story by Anna  - 'The Magical Glitter Storm' ! Tweet This fabulous glittery story, written by Anna about two friends called Jenny and Angeline and designed by local publisher Emain Publications really captures a sense of wonder and amazement! Please enjoy some of our sneak previews! Tweet In the story, the...

Local Creative Talent Showcase!

We love to feature local talent here and felt we had to share and shout loudly about local Co. Armagh Graphic Designer and Illustrator, Andrea Shine! Andrea is a wonderful creative expert and when she shared with us some of her gorgeous images and animations, we felt we needed to share them with you too....

Story of the Month

'Ferrari Adventure' by Aidan Gormley. We love featuring our favourites and here is one that we love, love, love! Published on the 24 May 2014 by Northern Ireland children's book publisher Emain Publications, this wonderful book is now available! Written and illustrated by young Aidan Gormley at only 7 years old! Beautifully designed by local artist and illustrator Gary...

Young Authors and their Stories

What a wonderful feeling to be published at any age, but as a very young author, it must be amazing! We have been reading stories and work by very young authors and it is truly inspiring! Some wonderful stories here!

Welcome to Our Story Ireland!

Welcome to Our Story Ireland! So you would like to get published? We guessed so. Well, you have found somewhere where you may be able to do this! If you are a local writer with a real, unique and original story about anywhere in Ireland, North and South, why not have a look at our...

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