Welcome to Our Story Ireland!

Welcome to Our Story Ireland!


So you would like to get published? We guessed so. Well, you have found somewhere where you may be able to do this!

If you are a local writer with a real, unique and original story about anywhere in Ireland, North and South, why not have a look at our submissions guidelines?

We offer local writers an opportunity to publish here for FREE, to ensure that you own the copyright of your work, now and always. You get to see your story published here if accepted and you can share it with friends and family.

What does Our Story Ireland gain from this?  Well, we have an overall objective

to create a space to showcase local talent, local heritage and most of all preserve and protect out storytelling legacy for us and everyone around the world.  We breathe and live our culture in stories every day of our lives but without capturing it, it may get lost.  Let’s not let that happen……

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